Know your MP

For a woman running a school in Hyderabad and managing other retail businesses of the family with her husband, Butta Renuka finds it an immensely satisfying experience to be elected from Kurnool. ``I come from a small village of this district and therefore this is an opportunity to serve the people of the district and work for their welfare,`` says Renuka. Her first concern is to ensure that all villages in what is a drought prone district are provided assured drinking water facility throughout the year.

She is optimistic about being an effective MP as her family business background, running a school, hotels and other retail services, will help focus on suggesting ways to improve growth and creating more employment. “My advantage and disadvantage is that I am new to politics,” says Renuka. She believes firmly that education is the only way to empower people having been involved with the school for 18 years.

She expects the Prime Minister to accord priority to improving rural infrastructure and that the popularity of the YSR Congress and her own image will help in providing tangible gains to her voters. On what prompted her to join politics, Renuka says that “it is to be the change that I always wanted in the society.”

As one who describes Sardar Vallabhai Patel as the ideal politician, Renuka believes Parliament should as its primary responsibility aim for the growth and development of the country. Social media is effective for instant feedback and to keep in touch with the constituency and public. “It is possible to be in politics without money power and political patronage,” claims Renuka who lists unemployment and lack of quality education are the biggest threats India faces today.

What is your solution to:

  • Curb Inflation: Regulate prices of essential commodities.
  • Tackle Communal Violence: Introduce only need based reservations.
  • Stop Terror Attacks: Strengthen intelligence work.
  • Stop Corruption: Give incentives to government servants for work done.
  • Normalize relations with Pakistan and China: Improve mutual trust.
  • Stabilize Rupee: Improve India’s manufacturing capability.
  • Raise employment:  Set up rural industries.
  • Reduce poverty: Introduce cooperative farming in a big way and provide rural employment and education.
Two years development in MP Madam Words

I have reached an important milestone in my political life by completing second year in office. As you are aware, I am a novice to politics, but the enthusiasm and response of the people gave me much needed strength so that I could quickly connect with the people and understand their expectations. I have strived hard to meet the expectations of my people and infarct realized and accomplished some of them. It is a very long way to reach the goals but every day and every step is important for me us this journey.

Like all I have also made my action programme to which I am committed and taking necessary measures to convert them in to reality. For me it is a sense of fulfillment when the achievements are seen in reality and of course we have to ensure that the disappointments do not deter us from our endeavors.

I present this progress report to the people of my constituency, which reflects on my performance and highlights the developmental activities taken up by me and also the initiatives in perusing our goals.

I am sure with the cooperation and guidance of the people, I shall be able to improve my performance year on year and move forward in realizing the goals and aspirations of the people of my constituency.

I am extremely grateful to the people of my Constituency, who gave me an opportunity to serve them and I assure you that I shall put all my efforts in improving the standards of living in this part of the country by taking various developmental activities.

I sincerely thank all the departments for their inputs and support and look forward to the same spirit in the days to come. I am extremely grateful to my colleague people representatives who have been of immense support and guidance in my endeavours. I am also thankful to my support staff, who have been of great assistance in my day-to-day functioning and in addressing issues that are brought to my notice by the people.